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Bespoke Targets

@Source can be applied to generate code for any system (embedded control system, data processing system, hardware-in-the-loop system etc.).  Just as importantly, the properties defined for signal and parameter enable the configuration files for application tool files to be generated (ASAP2 files are an example of this).  The API is open for customers to generate or modify these target configurations (principally using the RTW TLC language), alternatively Podium Technology can generate these targets for you.  Contact us to discuss your requirements.  

Available Off-The-Shelf Targets

Podium Technology works with a number of ECU suppliers, here are a selection of targets that are already available:

Marelli Motorsport:

  • AGO Motorsport ECU (MotoGP)
  • MLE Motorsport ECU (Super Bike)
  • WRE Motorsport ECU (WRC)
  • SRG Motorsport ECU
  • SRG Evo Motorsport ECU
  • ERS Motorsport ECU
  • VCU Motorsport ECU
  • MHT Motorsport ECU

All targets generate configuration files for Sysma and WinTax

 Kleinknecht Automotive:

  • MCS5: ECU Calibration interface with traditional and high speed links to the target ECU with an on-board fast PowerPC to execute user bypass strategies.
  • MCS400EC: Rapid prototyping ECU.
  • Desktop HIL: tbd

Cosworth Electronics:

  • Pi Sigma: Data logger and control unit.  @Source provides code generation for 8240 processors and file generation for Pi Workshop, Pi AutoCal and Pi Toolbox.
  • Pi Diablo: Data manager.  @Source can create description files for Diablo where embedded systems are being integrated with the system.


  • Functional Mock-Up Interface: A standard for running models in a co-simulation environment (such as QTronic Silver).  @Source implements a Win32 FMU package with an optional XCP-Ethernet interface with ASAP A2L files.


PTWinSim is a Windows based co-simulation program.  @Source produces applications to run in this environment

  • Windows based co-simulation
  • CarSim
  • rFPro
  • Marelli


  • @Source can generate rFactor-Pro plug-ins or
  • With a PTWinSim plug-in PTWinSim applications can be executed

To download a summary of the rFactor-Pro integration click here and here.

McLaren Applied:

  • TAG400 Motorsport ECU
  • TAG400i Motorsport ECU
  • vTAG Simulation Target