Podium Technology has a wealth of experience in both the embedded environment and the use of MATLAB®/Simulink®/Real-Time Workshop® . As a result we are able to provide the following services:

  • Generation of a fully-featured Real-Time Workshop target for your hardware and application through the configuration of @Source - usually in less than a two weeks.
  • Integrating your Simulink models with your required target, without the use of @Source.
  • Design of device drivers for use in Simulink models. Deliverables are the S-Function and Target Language Compiler (TLC) file to produce efficient in-line code. The S-Function code can also be made available.
  • Embedded software contracting to help you through your peak periods.
  • Hardware-In-The-Loop testers: Development of dynamic models of car, engine, power-train, actuators, track and driver to improve the testing of embedded systems.
  • Control system development using third-party hardware, from, for example:
    • Marelli Marvel, MHT, AGO, WRE, MLE, TS11, Marvel, SRG
    • Marelli Vms ECU Virtualisation
    • Cosworth Electronics Sigma Based Systems e.g. LLB/LJB