@Source is a Simulink® blockset to aid system develop, particularly where additional files need to be generated to describe the signal and parameter properties. @Source can be quickly configured to different embedded targets as well as different file formats, such as ASAP, XML or any bespoke format.


Doc@Source is a Simulink® blockset and set of MATLAB® Report Generator components to enable high quality documentation to be automatically generated from Simulink models.


StructureLib is a Simulink® blockset adding support for structures and bitwords in models, usually as an aid to integrating with legacy code or systems.


PTWinSim is a Windows based co-simulation environment. Different models compiled from Simulink or Dymola, for example are executed together.

rFpro Plugins and Simulink Toolbox

rFpro is a driver-in-the-loop graphical environment used by both motorsport and automotive OEMs as an engineering tool in their car/vehicle development. We produce plugins for rFpro that enable the PTWinSim and McLaren Applied Technologies vTAG co-simulation packages to enable these applications to execute within the rFpro environment. A Simulink toolbox is also available that enables the Simulink models to access the rFpro data and event callbacks.