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Model Based Design - Development Tool

@Source extends MATLAB® and Simulink® by providing a development environment that both increases information content of Simulink® models and productivity.
Information content of the model is increased by providing a block set that enables all parameter and signal properties to be defined at model level, as well as any documentation notes. This enables the entire functionality of a system to be contained within the Simulink® model (i.e. at source). This, in turn, makes the Simulink a more useful specification tool, improving information transfer when sharing models with colleagues, customers or suppliers.
Productivity is increased by ensuring information need only be entered once through user friendly dialogues. Tools and utilities are provided that utilise the embedded information to auto generate of all output files, such as:

  • Executable code.
  • Application or Analysis tool files (any standard or bespoke format, e.g. XML, ASAP, CLX).
  • Specifications, Documentation or Reports (generating different documents for different audiences, e.g. model documentation for developers or application notes for field engineers).
  • Data dictionaries for export.

@Source provides Simulink® blocks that are independent of the target hardware and application tools, therefore the Simulink models focus on the functionality and not on implementation detail. Only at build time does the target specific components come into play. The encompassed information ensures that @Source can be configured for any hardware target, operating system, bespoke/legacy environment or any application tool file format (e.g. ASAP – multiple formats can be supported from each build). @Source will immediately add value to any of the Real-Time Workshop, Embedded Coder or Embedded Targets by outputting fully featured ASAP files and reports.
@Source utilises all the latest developments in Real-Time Workshop® and Embedded Coder® that enable efficient code to be produced, in code size, memory usage and execution speed.
When used with the MATLAB and Simulink Report Generator, the information contained in the model can be used to automatically generate reports, data dictionaries strategy I/O tables, enforce naming conventions plus much more. An example of a report generated with @Source blocks and Report Generator components can be seen here.
@Source is fully compatible with Stateflow and the Fixed Point Blockset.
@Source also provides many more useful features for the embedded developer, such as:

  • Strong data typing throughout.
  • Ability to read/write bits and nibbles in a bitword and define their place in the bitword.
  • Ability to pass mixed data type structures around the model.
  • Ability to work with bus structures for signals and parameters.
  • Concept of variable scope that is not inherent in Simulink.
  • Leaving any concept of the target system to the final stage.
  • Code efficiency through expression folding.
  • Support of multiple target systems with the same core set of control tasks.
  • Support of multiple application tools.

@Source has been configured for many target hardware and application tools, please contact us to discuss your requirements. Click here for a list of existing targets
@Source has applications in many embedded control fields, and is currently in use with all MotoGP teams, a number of WRC, Formula-E and LMPh teams and E-Bike manufacturers, developing their on-vehicle systems.

@Source has applications in other fields including Driver-in-the-Loop simulators for control, ADAS and physics model implementations.

@Source is available for MATLAB R2017b through to R2023b.

Support targets can be found here.

To download a detailed product specification, click here.