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Adding More Functionality to the MATLAB/Simulink Report Generator

Doc@Source from Podium Technology aims to enhance the description abilities of Simulink models and, through the MATLAB® Report Generator/Simulink® Report Generator and the supplied block set and Report Generator components, automatically generate reports, specifications and documentation.
The use of Doc@Source results is an ability to produce reports and documents that have meaningful content, are well presented and tuned to the target audience. Through the use of different report templates and tags with the embedded documentation, it is possible to produce different reports for several audiences from one model.
Doc@Source is therefore of benefit to anyone producing Simulink models to:

  • Document models for their own memory aid.
  • Augment models with explanatory text to aid the reading of the block diagrams.
  • Encapsulate ALL the information required to make the Simulink model the complete specification of the system it should be. Ideal for passing a definitive executable specification to suppliers, customers or other in-house departments.

As with all reports produced with the MATLAB/Simulink Report Generator, the report output can be in a variety of formats such as HTML or RTF (MS-Word).
Podium Technology has worked with The MathWorks in order to revise and improve Doc@Source to work with the Version 2 & 3 Report Generator available with MATLAB R2017b through to R2023b.
An example report generated with Doc@Source can be seen here - requires an SVG viewer plugin, such as that from Adobe.
Doc@Source has been designed to be easily integrated with any third party library and bespoke Simulink Signals and Parameter objects. This is achieved through a simple interface class, examples, documentation and full support are provided to create these. Once created, Doc@Source is able to tabulate information in any of your library blocks or display any property in your Simulink objects ... or create derived properties.
An example report generated with @Source (using the interface class) and Doc@Source can be seen here. In this report you can see enhanced lists of properties for the Simulink objects, bitword tables and tabulated information on @Source blocks.

To download a detailed product specification, click here.